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Witchampton CofE First School

Lego Morning

On the morning of Monday 20th March the whole school took part in an exciting Lego Workshop.  The workshop took place in the village hall with over 100,000 pieces of lego!

Each child built their own small part of a city out of Lego, and the children then work collaboratively to put their pieces together to create a complete city with lots of different buildings and amenities. This exciting activity encouraged the development of, amongst other things; teamwork; logical thinking; creativity; and practical design.

  • Lego 1

    Lego 1.jpg
    Lego 1
  • Lego 3

    Lego 3.jpg
    Lego 3
  • Lego 2

    Lego 2.jpg
    Lego 2
  • Lego 4

    Lego 4.jpg
    Lego 4