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Welcome to Scotland!
Foxes class arrived to school on Thursday 11th January to walk straight across the border into Scotland! All of the children wore tartan or blue and white to match the St. Andrew's flag for a day to hook us into a topic to find out: what makes Scotland a super country? We will be comparing human and physical features of Scotland with those around the village Witchampton, learning map skills, exploring poetry by Scottish authors and poets and ending our topic with a Foxes' Travel Agency to persuade parents and carers to buy a holiday to... Scotland!

Scottish shortbread
As part of our Super Scottish day, Foxes class evaluated a variety of different shortbreads - a traditional food from Scotland. Once we had tasted and judged each shortbread by it's looks, taste, texture and packaging, the children designed their own variety. After play, all of the children baked some of their own to take home - including chocolate chip, lemon and white chocolate!
Scottish Bagpipes!
Foxes class were very fortunate to welcome Mr Wright, from the Ringwood Pipe Band, into school to show us his outfit and play his pipes! Such an interesting and unique instrument, we were all blown away by his music! We learnt all about the different parts of the instrument and how you play it and also the parts of Mr Wright's outfit including the kilt, sporran, kilt pin, hose and flashes! A very big thank you to Mr Wright for volunteering his time to come into school to show us all.
Scottish Country Dancing
Foxes' Super Scottish day ended with a very jolly afternoon of learning to dance - the Scottish way! Mrs Watson and Mrs Robson, from the The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, taught every single one of us how to do the skip change and the slip step and we all enjoyed dancing to traditional Scottish music. The children enjoyed The Monkey Dance the most! We were all exhausted by the end of it. We are continuing some of the country dancing steps in our P.E. lessons! A very big thank you to Mrs Watson and Mrs Robson for teaching us so patiently and making it so enjoyable.
  • Scottish topic Foxes dancing

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    Scottish topic Foxes dancing
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    Scottish topic Foxes Bagpipes
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    Scottish topic Food
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