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Witchampton CofE First School

Outdoor explorers Press Release!

Witchampton Church of England First School has expanded its ‘outdoor explorers’
site for the children.

Witchampton C of E First School, places a huge emphasis on education in the open and
has extensive grounds which they have developed to provide even more
All the children regularly use the space to get involved with outdoor learning, and
activities including den building, fire lighting and whittling.
Headteacher Jo Hancock said: “Our children love being outdoors so we decided to
expand the ‘outdoor explorers’ part of our grounds.
“It really helps with developing the children’s self esteem and muscle strength
while they work collaboratively to solve problems and work creatively.
“They have some amazing ideas and really love to challenge themselves.
“Witchampton is in a beautiful area and we get the children out as often as
“Recently we were invited to the Critchell Estate for a meadow sweep and came
back on a trailer being pulled by a tractor.
“We visit local farms and explore rivers – all to give the children the most rounded
education that we can.

“We have spaces left this year and welcome new children for the next academic
The school is part of Initio Learning Trust whose chief executive officer Liz West
said: “It looks like great fun and the children are learning all the time.
“It teaches them practical skills, how to work in teams and it improves their
“It is a wonderful extended facility and children who come up to our middle schools
from Witchampton are all prepared well for the next stage of their education.”