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Witchampton CofE First School

Foxes Visit Stonehenge

The Stone Circle at Stonehenge

Foxes have travelled back to the current day after exploring the Neolithic monument of Stonehenge in November as part of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. This is what some of the children said about our trip:
Amelia: "I liked the Stone Circle because I thought it would be bit bigger but at the same time I thought it was brilliant. I didn’t know that it was actually in T shapes and I found out so much more than I thought I would!"
Lily: "I found it interesting when Miss Snape read that there was a rock made of iron and when rain landed on it, it went a red colour. It was called a Slaughter Stone."

Olivia: "I liked the skeleton and that the feet were gone because some of the badgers must have eaten it!"

Tom: "I liked the rock you had to pull - we found out what it was like to pull all of the stones. It was on a wooden sleigh and they pulled the ropes to move it."

Jack R: "I liked looking at the exhibition and the Chris skeleton because I liked feeling the axe, the stones with arrowheads marked in it and the Stonehenge models."

Harriet: "I liked when we looked around the roundhouses because I was really looking forward to seeing what they slept in."

Sophia: "I liked when we went into the museum when we were talking about sunrise/sunset on the shortest/longest days - interesting that lots of people go to watch it. Also how they thought the man looked based on his skeleton and his teeth - and things were stuck in his teeth so they know what he ate!"

Fin: "I liked the 360 film circle inside Stonehenge - I liked how it changed with the weather and changed really quickly."

A big thank you to Friends of WFS who subsidised the coach fare and a big thank you to parents for supporting the trip so all of the children could walk in the footsteps of our ancestors and see where history really happened!

Year 3/4 Teacher
English Lead
Witchampton CofE First School