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Witchampton CofE First School

Witchampton's Got Talent for LIV Village

On the afternoon of Friday 28th February 2020, children and staff were entertained by many varied and talented acts as part of Witchampton's annual Talent Show. This year, the School Council asked the children and families to support one of their chosen school charities of the year: LIV Village. They felt passionately about raising awareness of this special charity because our very own Teaching Assistant, Miss Glenny, left Witchampton in December to embark on an inspiring venture to South Africa where she is currently supporting the children in long term foster care. The vision of the charity is to provide long-term foster care in a family environment, with God at the very heart of the village community: Rescue a child, Restore a life, Raise a leader and Release a star. Music, sport, dance and learning skills such as cooking, is very much part of the community there and the School Council wanted Witchampton to come together on one day to mirror some of the activities and raise funds for opportunities for children less fortunate than themselves.

Children from Reception to Year 4 entered the show and performed a variety of entertaining acts to the whole school on Friday afternoon: lip syncing, dancing, reciting poetry, singing their own songs, playing musical instruments, hula hooping and pirate acting to name but a few. The acts were judged by Mrs Cornforth from our Church community who kindly volunteers in our Enrichment group with Rev Suzie. Everyone performed so well and with courage that it was a tricky decision for Mrs Cornforth to decide the winners! In joint third place came Isla from Hedgehogs (Reception) for performing an entertaining recital of the Turtle Nursery Rhyme and Eddie from Badgers (Year 1) playing Southwell on the clarinet. In second place, Mikey and Chloe performed a duet: singing by Mikey alongside Chloe's dance with ribbons to Dance Monkey. The winner was a Year 3 pupil, Betsy, who eloquently performed ventriloquy with her yellow sidekick - Duck! It was an amusing and funny act and Mrs Conforth said that every single audience member was watching with such interest, that Betsy performed with such skill and had prepared some funny jokes as part of the act - well done Betsy!

The Talent Show ended with a special video message from Miss Glenny in South Africa who told us how proud of us she is and told us about how she and her volunteer friends spend their time helping children there in LIV Village. A very special ending to a special afternoon: it really does take a village to raise a child!