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Witchampton CofE First School


Information and communication technology is integral to the learning experience at Witchampton First School, where it is used as a tool for inquiry - to learn, teach, present and consolidate learning. The use and application of ICT is a key subject area that is continuously evolving. We aim to keep abreast of new technologies to ensure children have access to this ever-changing and increasingly fundamental life skill.
The teaching of ICT and computing within the curriculum is organised throughout the school in the following ways: as a discrete subject, through cross-curricular approaches and as an integral tool for teachers and children to deliver and access learning.  We integrate ICT into learning daily and across the curriculum.

All teaching staff are enthusiastic about using ICT resources and are supportive of the school's priorities in this area. In our small team, staff are involved in the decision making process which enables leadership to tailor provision to their needs and vision.

Academy Committee members are keen to maintain high standards of ICT in the school and to invest in the infrastructure necessary to achieve this.

MIT's Scratch - This program has been developed to introduce learners at KS2 to the world of coding. Click on the Scratch link below

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Espresso Coding - try it now!
Family Computing
Bee-Bots app