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Witchampton CofE First School


At Witchampton CofE First School, our whole school is a learning community in which all are valued as individuals, and where our staff and Academy Committee members have high expectations of all children. We are committed to providing an enriched, enjoyable and inclusive curriculum in which all children make the best possible progress and achieve high standards whatever their needs or abilities. 

As a whole school, we strive to create a successful learning culture that provides a confidence-boosting environment where all levels of ability and types of children flourish. Lessons are interesting, motivating and differentiated to cater for all needs. We work hard to ensure that all pupils are treated as individuals and work towards reaching their own personal potential. Importance is placed on both academic and the child as a whole to encourage children to become active learners and responsible members of the community. Children have opportunities to participate in individual, group and whole class activities with an emphasis on the learning being interesting, meaningful and relevant to the child. This is enhanced through both practical experiences and educational visits.

At Witchampton our Christian values are at the heart of all our teaching and learning. We have a close relationship with Rev. Suzie and our local church.  A variety of teaching and learning styles and strategies are used to provide opportunities for all children to learn and achieve, and to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

As a school, we passionaltely believe in a three-way partnership between the school, the pupil and their parents/carers. Consequently we strive to develop excellent relationships with parents/carers and actively encourage their involvement in supporting the learning of their children. 

We use the learning line as a strategy to support our children in understanding that when we are learning there may challenges faced and we can be resilient towards those challenges. 

Our curriculum reflects our Christian ethos, our school values, as well as British  values. These are taught explicitly through: projects; worship;  personal, social, citizenship, health education (PSCHE); P.E. and sport.

We follow a topic based curriculum to make learning experiences more meaningful. Topics are introduced through an opening hook, engaging experiences, linked with opportunities to extend learning at home and close with a parent share event to celebrate the children's learning. Over the course of the year children will have received a broad and balanced curriculum.

The curriculum is well resourced and supported by visitors to the school. One of our most valued resources is the time given by parents to support children’s learning, both in school and at home.

Please see our termly curriculum maps for more information about what your child will be learning and our half termly Parent Leaflets for more detail and for information of how you can help at home.

We hold information sessions at different points in the year, for example, maths, spelling and phonics and an introduction to the year ahead. We use the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. 

All classes plan a variety of trips and visits to stimulate and enhance learning. A very popular educational visit is the Year 4 2-day residential to Leeson House near Swanage during the summer term.

 Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) is included as part of the school curriculum in accordance with the 1988 Education Act. Sex education will be integrated within other areas of the curriculum, for example as it falls within the science curriculum and as discussions in PSCHE, rather than taught as a separate subject. This is considered to be more appropriate for the age of the children in our school. 

A new National Curriculum came into effect for pupils in English schools in September 2014. Click here for more information.

This page is currently being up-dated.

If you wish to find out further information, please contact the school office.