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Witchampton CofE First School


Our PSCHE curriculum is based on the  Heart Smart scheme for PSHE (personal, social and health education), with guidance from the Diocese of Salisbury. Links are made to the Christian values which are developed across the curriculum through our collective worship. 

We are an inclusive school.  We actively seek to remove the barriers to learning and participation that can hinder or exclude individual children or groups of children. This means that equality of opportunity must be a reality for all our children, and this includes all children regardless of their needs, faith and race or gender.

Children grow up in many different kinds of families. Some live with their mum and dad, some are adopted, others have just a mum or a dad or live with grandparents while some others have two mums or two dads.

We approach all of these differences simply through children learning that whatever the difference or family make-up, that the love and care children receive can be the same. In this way children learn tolerance and not to discriminate because of difference. We aim to prevent all forms of homophobic bullying that can begin to creep in in the simplest way at a very early age. 

Information on how the school deals with inappropriate behaviour and all forms of bullying can be found in our positive behaviour and anti-bullying policies.