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Witchampton CofE First School

School Uniform

All the children are encouraged to take pride in and look after their school uniform.

Jumpers and cardigans, P.E. bags and book bags, all with the school logo, are obtainable from the school office. Prices available on request.

Boys – Summer and Winter:

  • Grey shorts or trousers
  • Light blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt with the gold school logo
  • Grey socks
  • Black shoes or sandals with socks in summer (for safety)

Girls – Winter:

  • Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • Light blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or sweatshirt style cardigan with gold school logo
  • Grey socks or tights
  • Black shoes

Girls – Summer:

  • Blue and white checked dress
  • Royal blue sweatshirt or sweatshirt style cardigan with gold school logo
  • White socks
  • Black shoes and summer sandals (all with socks for safety)                          

P.E. Kit:
(P.E. kit should be kept in a named P.E. bag on their peg in the cloakroom)

  • Crew neck white t-shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Spare socks (especially for girls in the winter who wear tights)
  • Plimsolls for indoor P.E. and dance
  • Trainers for outdoor games (safer on wet surfaces)
  • Dark jogging/tracksuit bottoms during cold weather for outdoor P.E.

When buying shoes and trainers please consider the ease of fastening for younger children. Children run around a lot at playtimes; please consider this when looking at style and safety of shoes.

No jewellery (with the exception of talismans) or wrist bands may be worn to school other than small stud or sleeper earrings for pierced ears. All earrings should be removed for P.E. (ideally removed at home on P.E. days). Newly pierced ears may be taped over for  some P.E. activities.

Names in everything!
Please remember to name or label all children’s clothing and shoes clearly – it’s amazing how many children have the same size and style of shoes and coat, not to mention school jumper!

Outdoor learning and play:
In the winter we would like the children to have a pair of wellies in school and a warm waterproof coat for outdoors. Please ensure children’s coats are suitable for learning outside in cold or damp weather.

In the summer we recommend children have a sun hat for break times and outdoor learning. On really hot days, children without a hat may be asked to stay or play in the shade.

Families who are entitled to free school meals may also be entitled to a school uniform grant. Information can be obtained from the Dorset for You website.


The school asks parents to consider the effect on other children or on the perception of their child by others which may be caused by particular hair styles. During term time pupils are asked not to have fashion hairstyles which include: shaved, dyed or streaked hair, patterns, mohawks, lines and tramlines. Extreme use of gels and hair ornaments may have safety implications or be distracting for other children.  Shoulder length and longer hair should all be tied back, this is for reasons of health, safety and practicality.